Who caused the sehlaab?

On the intervening night of 6th and 7th September, Kashmir witnessed the worst natural catastrophe to have ever hit it. Thousands were left scarred for a lifetime.

But what followed the, everyone coming to sense and connecting euphoria, was another type of frenzy. The blame game.

From the ostensible railway track, to the incompetent government, to music concerts, to beauty parlours, to cloud bursts, to missionary schools,to dog birthday parties, to jeans wearing girls, to lavish weddings.
Nothing was spared.

Every room, every house, every shop,and every road became a courthouse convicting various people.
The infamous uptown-downtown pseudo-vendetta got a new dimension. This time, for the first time in years, the downtowners proclaimed triumph.
No one got tired of discussing the floods.

But as much as we Kashmiris collectively like to become the Mayan gods of judgement, all the time, one wonders where did we learn our lessons.

We chose to dissect the probable causes more than we chose to learn.
Scientifically, as well as spiritually.

At the cost of this becoming a preachy sermon, something that we Kashmiris excel at equally, I don’t want to go down the line of telling people what we should’ve learnt. And what lessons we should’ve taken from it.
Instead, let’s just all for once take our own individual lessons. Blame our own selves.
Maybe it happened because I was wrong?! In my conduct as a human being or towards the environment?!

If we stop blaming everyone else, and just introspect what we as individuals could’ve done better, could do better, we’d probably get closure. Sooner.

And isn’t that what we always seek?


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